August 29, 2013 / IST / Web Development.

Place your code into Dropbox and Cloud Cannon fixes it so your clients can add content and edit their live site

It really is that simple: Cloud Cannon uses the Dropbox API to make your site live and editable straight away. All you need to do is add class=”editable” to every div that should be so, and put your files into Dropbox. Your clients can then add their content and make their edits directly in the browser.

It works with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and there’s no need to anything special beyond adding this class. It works fine with things like Wufoo, Dreamweaver, MailChimp and so on.
The service costs $5 per month for one site, all the way up to $49 per month for 20 websites.

We haven’t heard from anyone who has used it yet, but it looks like a major time-saver to us. Let us know in the comments if you have experimented with Cloud Cannon!

  • Firoz Ansari

    So basically we need to subscribe to the the Cloud Cannon as it not free. So it can be used by organizations and not individuals…

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