Steve Jobs

steve-jobs Jobs died at his California home around 3 p.m. on October 5, 2011. A great man has passed away. We should remember Steve now and forever for what he’s achieved: A better world with beautiful and useful devices. Now let us see, who have said what after his death : Apple said : We are deeply saddened... Read more »

October 4, 2012 at IST / Story.

steve-jobs The “Lost” Steve Jobs Speech from 1983; Foreshadowing Wireless Networking, the iPad, and the App Store. In 1983, Steve Jobs gave a speech at the International Design Conference in Aspen. The audio recording of this event surfaced in June, but it was missing an interesting Q&A session that took place after the speech. Blogger Marcel Brown managed... Read more »

October 3, 2012 at IST / Story.

Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs when it comes to leading Apple Inc (AAPL.O). As the debut of the new iPhone 5 just proved, that may not be a bad thing. The taller, thinner and lighter phone prompted a rush on Wall Street to raise price targets for Apple stock, but the optimism was not... Read more »

September 23, 2012 at IST / Science & Technology.