The first mobile telephone call was made on 17 June 1946 from a car in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, using the Bell System’s Mobile Telephone Service. This was followed in 1956 by the world’s first partly automatic car phone system, Mobile System A (MTA) in Sweden. The MTA phones were composed of vacuum tubes and relays, and had a weight of 88.2 pounds (40 kg).... Read more »

October 7, 2012 at IST / Science & Technology.

Despite having been such a groundbreaking platform, the days of using a laptop dock are coming to an end. In a statement made earlier today, Motorola has announced its plans to kill of its Webtop program and line of laptop docks, first unveiled alongside the Atrix 4G at CES 2011. “Motorola’s Webtop app helps users extend their smartphone experience... Read more »

October 7, 2012 at IST / Science & Technology, Tech News.