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webdesignA lot of people want to learn web design, but where do you start? It’s great if you’ve got the motivation to trawl the web for free videos, tutorials and articles, but we don’t all have that level of confidence. Sometimes you need a helping hand, or you’re just not a self-learner.

If you’re interested in learning web design, here’s a handy list of places to start.

You’ll notice there’s a lot more video around these days, and that’s the way it’s going to continue. It can be a lot more compelling, more effective, and more time-efficient to show something in a video than to write it up into an article or book.

Top 10 List for Learning Web Design


DesignShack has a list of 30 free tutorial videos.


Lets you browse for real-world institutions that offer web design courses. United States & Canada only though.


Has articles on PHP, WordPress, HTML and CSS, and videos on design and coding.


Some free basic content, and offers a short course in HTML and CSS (for $29.99).


Seeing what not to do can be a great way to learn. Web Pages That Suck has been sharing the very worst examples for years.


SitePoint leans toward the more advanced coding aspects of building web pages. They have good free online content, and a range of books and other materials.


TutsPlus is a network of related tutorials sites. Their web design channel has a wealth of good free articles.


$25 or $49 a month gets you access to a wide range of technical training videos (covering Accessibility, CSS3, Design, django, HTML & CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, NoSQL, PHP, Responsive Web Design, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Tools, UX, Version Control, WordPress, iOS).


Lynda has been providing online training materials since I started back in (*cough*). It now has videos on 3D animation, audio, business, design, development, home computing, photography, video, as well as web + interactive.


Smashing Mag delivers a really high standard of articles and tutorials – perhaps more for the aspiring web ninja than the absolute beginner.

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