February 24, 2014 / IST / How-to Guides.

Over 60 present user using Gmail as email account.  Normally gmail allows 25 MB size to attach any attachment. Gmail saves your attachment in Google Drive automatically. Problem is that sometimes you want to send a larger file. This problem can easily solved by using Google Drive.

How to use Google Drive.

When you write email Gmail gives to option to attache file. First is Attach Files and second is Insert file using Google Drive. If you choose “Attache Files” option than you can’t send file larger than 25 MB. Choose second option “Insert Using Google Drive”.

Step 1: Click on Google Drive icon.


Step 2: After click a new dialog box will open. Now Select upload option and upload file from computer. You can attache multiple file. After selection of file click on Upload button. Then google drive will starts to upload and showing a progress bar. It automatically will set an attachment strip into your e-mail.  Now send email to destination.