December 23, 2012 / IST / Science & Technology.

Some Galaxy S IIIOwners Reporting Severe Device Issues

samsung-galaxy-3-300x199Samsung has overtaken Apple has the bestselling smartphone maker and it has done so on the back of chic and reliability. So you can imagine the headache the company is now having with reports that people who own the bestselling Samsung Galaxy S III are having device issues. Specifically, the phones are dying—literally.

Many users have flooded message boards and Twitter with complaints that their devices are simply not turning on after they charge them overnight. Others complain that there’s little no boot-up after they turn off their screens. There are sufficient posts on the message board to suggest that Samsung might have to come out with some sort of damage controlling statement. So far the company has been mum.

200-day life span

Samsung may be keeping quiet but if the complaints and third-party diagnoses are correct, Samsung may be facing a PR nightmare that is sure to make its competitors happy. Some users have complained that their device mainboard is failing after around 150-200 days of operation. A lot of these mainboard complaints have been sorted out by Samsung under warranty but many are still complaining that the problem rears its ugly head soon after.

Reddit has been the biggest source and forum for complaints and on there. The boards are on fire. One user who calls himself TurtleRecall said that, “It happened to my S3 last week and I’ve never rooted or installed anything other than the official 3UK Samsung firmware, first ICS then JB. Samsung haven’t officially acknowledged that there’s an issue, but both the guy I spoke to in the authorized repair center and the chap in the Samsung warranty call center have said they’ve seen this issue a lot lately.”

The rush-to-market game

Samsung is not the only major smartphone maker who has had either technical failures or some issue with meeting demand. Apple had its own fiasco with Maps and a failure to ship enough iPhone 5s; Google is facing similar demand needs over in Europe for its Nexus 4 smartphone.

Taken as a composite it would appear that the ground under the manufacture and supply of these smartphone are on very flaky soil. No-one is talking about it but competition seems to be undermining the smartphone industry as each company rushes to bring the next “greatest” thing to the marketplace. Clearly not enough testing is going on before these phones come to market. Since everyone is taking these shortcuts it is clear who the eventual loser is going to be in all of this—the consumer.

It is also somewhat surprising that with all these issue cropping up regulators and standard bodies aren’t weighing in. Just recently a Blackberry smartphone erupted into flames, burning a young boy’s bed; should consumers experience more of these dangerous device failings before regulators insist that these smartphone makers maintain high standard s of quality?

Samsung especially had better be careful; given the ultra-competitive nature of the smartphone market, it could find itself behind Nokia or even Apple if it doesn’t as accompany respond robustly to the issue of phones dying on consumers.

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