January 22, 2014 / IST / Tech News.

Adblock Plus, a browser plug-in that wipes what it deems to be more intrusive advertisements off the Web, has completed its sweep of the top browsers on personal computers with the release of a version for Safari.
The Adblock Plus beta for Safari on OS X joins versions already available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. The company doesn’t support Safari on iOS devices, though it does have a version for Android phones.
“Our goal is to make the Internet better for everyone by empowering people to block obnoxious ads while simultaneously encouraging websites to run user-friendly, responsible advertisements instead of intrusive banners, overlays, and pop-ups,” Till Faida, the co-founder of Adblock Plus, said in a statement Tuesday.
The company has taken an unusual approach: it blocks only ads that aren’t permitted through a whitelisting process. Whitelisting is free for small publishers but not for large ones, and Adblock Plus will only whitelist ads that meet its acceptable ads policy for non-intrusiveness. For example, all pop-ups or ads that obscure a Web page are banned.
Adblock Plus shouldn’t be confused with AdBlock, a different browser plug-in that works in Chrome, Safari, and Opera and that like Adblock Plus is an open-source project. AdBlock says it’s “unimpressed” with Adblock Plus’ for-fee whitelisting approach and simply blocks all ads.
Ad blockers can free the Web from pesky distractions — but those pesky distractions are often what pay the bills for Web sites. With both AdBlock and Adblock Plus, users can fine-tune behavior to allow ads on some sites, and with Adblock Plus, users can set it to block all ads, not just whitelisted ones.