#include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> class promatrix { private: int m1[10][10],m2[10][10],p[10][10]; int r,c,i,j,k; public: promatrix(); //constructor void getmatrix(); void product(); void disprslt(); }; promatrix::promatrix() { for(i=0;i<10;i++) for(j=0;j<10;j++) //external defination of constructor { m1[i][j]=m2[i][j]=p[i][j]=0; } } void promatrix::getmatrix() { cout<<"\n\nEnter the size of the Matrix you want to Multiply:"; cout<<"\n\nNumber of Rows:"; cin>>r; cout<<"\n\nNumber of Columns:"; cin>>c; cout<<"\n\nEnter the... Read more »

September 4, 2012 at IST / Language.

Windows 7 has overtaken Windows XP as the world’s most popular desktop operating system, marking the end of the venerable OS’ reign over the PC world. (Credit: Net Applications) Windows 7’s market share stands at 42.76 percent compared to Windows XP’s 42.5 percent, according to figures from web tracking company Net Applications for the month... Read more »

September 3, 2012 at IST / OS, Science & Technology.

wordpress I Think  WordPress SEO by Yoast is the best for SEO for WordPress. It creates several xml sitemap file rather than one file and submits directly to Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. Full Description of  This Plugin (Download) WordPress out of the box is already technically quite a good platform for SEO, this was true when I... Read more »

September 1, 2012 at IST / Web Development.

Welcome to Android application development! This class teaches you how to build your first Android app. You’ll learn how to create an Android project and run a debuggable version of the app. You’ll also learn some fundamentals of Android app design, including how to build a simple user interface and handle user input. Before you... Read more »

September 1, 2012 at IST / How-to Guides.

HTML5 is a markup language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web, and is a core technology of the Internet originally proposed by Opera Software. It is the fifth revision of the HTML standard (created in 1990 and standardized as HTML4 as of 1997)  and, as of August 2012, is still under... Read more »

August 15, 2012 at IST / Language.

If you spend a lot of time staring at your PC, why not change the appearance settings to something you find visually pleasing? We can show you how to customize your Windows 7 computer’s settings to change the background image, color scheme, sounds and screensaver to your personal preferences. Then, we have five free tools that will... Read more »

August 9, 2012 at IST / How-to Guides.