February 12, 2014 / IST / How-to Guides.


Suppose you have installed Flutter already then your girlfriend or boyfriend whatever you know very well, comes to your home. And you say “I will show you magic with laptop. I can control my music player with my hand without touching. Then your beloved reply, are you mad? How is it possible?

Here is a tip for that. When I was wondering on internet I found a software named “Flutter”. Flutter sounds like musical instrument but it is a Software name in digital world. For Flutter you have to need a laptop or a desktop with webcam. Now connect your PC to internet and download Flutter. After download install it. Flutter will instruct you at every step if anything is needed. Now your system has the amazing software Flutter. Check now your system tray you can find flutter icon. You can enable disable flutter as you wish.

Flutter allows you to play & pause iTunes, Spotify, VLC, and Quicktime using hand gestures via your webcam.

Now start your magic.  Start VLC select folder. Take your hand front of webcam. Make action with your figure. See below picture.


Flutter works with almost all popular music players. Example:

  • VLC
  • iTunes
  • Windows Media Player
  • Spotify
  • Quicktime
  • Winamp
  • Youtube
  • Pandora
  • Netflix
  • Groovehsark

How does Flutter works?

Flutter works to your gestures. It detects your hand movement and works accordingly.


For Youtube control, you have to download Ghrome Extention.