October 6, 2012 / IST / Tech News.

Microsoft is having such a good year that it looks like the software giant is doing a few things just for the heck of it. One of those things is the recent hosting of a coding marathon in Bangalore, India.

The event which saw 2,567 hard-core coders take part was significant to get an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records. Participants armed with Windows 8 RTM and Visual Studio Express 2012 slugged it out for a solid 18-hour session creating apps and other software all in the Windows environment.

The new record for the ‘planet’s largest ever app development marathon’ is no doubt something Microsoft will be happy to add to its list of accomplishments but the side-benefit is that the apps created across the 20 or so categories will no doubt help the company strengthen its own offerings. Perhaps the hosting of the event was less about setting records and more about harnessing the immense talent of Indian coders.

A large part of the developer community in Silicon Valley is actually a pool of talented Indian expats and so Microsoft merely took the coding to the source. I suppose we can expect other tech companies to host their own events in India and other parts of the world soon.

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