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One topic which I believed is important for first-timer or newbies is to know how to buy web-hosting and domain name. Many newbies make mistakes by buying hosting from unreliable companies, and later they regret. In this step by step guide, I will share everything you need to know to buy web hosting and I will show how to buy web hosting and domain name by actually buying one for this tutorial.


For this tutorial I will be using Bluehost which is a top recommended hosting for WordPress blogs. The best part is, you will also get one free domain name that will save your money and you can manage everything from one place.  This is a detailed guide, so I suggest you to grab your cup of coffee, and get ready to grab your first web hosting and domain name.

Before we start, here are things which you need to keep yourself ready with:

Domain name:

The domain name which you want to buy or use. You will get one free domain name or you can use any of your existing domain name (You can use free domain later too). If you have not decided on your domain name, check this guide to learn to select a domain name. You can use this free service call BustAName to find cool domain names for your blog.

Payment mode:

You can make payment via Credit card, PayPal or few debit cards which allows international online transaction.

Few things to know: 

Here are two guides which I recommend you to read first, as this will give you basic information about Web-hosting and more over you will learn how to save money on your web hosting purchases.

Now if you are done with all the above said things, you are all set to buy web hosting & domain for your new blog. Later in this article, I will share resources which you can use to install and create your WordPress blog in 5 minutes.

Step by Step Guide to Buy Web hosting Server:

To start with head over to www.Bluehost.com and click on get started now.

get started with Webhosting


This will take you to a page where you will see three different packages to choose from. I will quickly explain all the packages and you should read this guide to get a deeper understanding about these packages.

Webhosting plan
  • Running only 1 site: Buy Starter Package
  • Running more than 1 site : Buy Plus package
  • Need SSL and dedicated I.P: Pick Business Pro package

For you, I recommend to buy Plus package as you can host more blogs on the same hosting in the future. Do remember, the link which I have given in the bottom will get you huge discount, and this discount is only for the first bill. So you better purchase hosting for 2 or 3 years term.

Click on select in front of the plan you selected. Since I’m buying hosting for this tutorial only, I have selected starter plan for 12 months.

Pick free Domain or use your existing domain name:

Next page is where you can either get a free domain name from Bluehost or you can use any of your existing domain name.

Buy domain name


Even if you don’t use free domain feature right now, you can always get your free domain later. If you are using your existing domain name, you need to change the Name-server to

  • NS1.Bluehost.com
  • NS2.Bluehost.com

If you want to keep things simple,  enter the domain name you wish to buy in “new domain” field and your free domain will be activated with the web-hosting. Click on next and from here the steps would be simpler.

In this section you need to enter your details (Name, email address, address) which is straight forward and make sure you verify every details (Specially email address), as you will get your login and hosting information in your email address.

Package Information:

This part is crucial and you should pay extra attention to ensure you are not over-charged for add-ons which you don’t even need. As I said above, pick hosting package for 24 or 36 months term, as you will notice the price decreases as tenure increases.

buy Webhosting for WordPress

Also make sure you deselect the option “Site Backup Pro” “Sitelock Domain security”, as you don’t really need them. I will rather give you free alternative to these in upcoming articles.

Complete hosting purchase:

Pay for Webhosting

Before you make the payment, I suggest you to scroll up and verify all the information. By default you will see the option to make payment via Credit card only, but if you want to make payment via PayPal, click on “More payment option” and it will show you Pay by PayPal option too. Use the payment option you are comfortable with, and after making payment you will see another after sale page like this (Just ignore every thing), click on complete at the end.

complete webhosting order

On the next page you will get the confirmation for your hosting purchase and you will see a screen like below. Click on “create your password”:

hosting purchase confirmed

Selecting the password:

This is the last stage of your web hosting purchase, as you just need to set the password for your hosting login. You can use any of your password or you can use password generator to create a complex password. (Recommended). Copy and paste the password at any safe place and click on paste. Click on create and that’s it, now you are 98% done buying your web hosting for your blog.

hosting password generator

That’s it you are done with all the steps to buy your web hosting and domain name.

Logging into web hosting cPanel:

Check your Email inbox and you will get a confirmation email with all the login information for your web hosting. The only thing which you won’t get in the email is the password you created in the last step (This is for your own security).

WordPress Webhosting Bought

Now go to Bluehost.com and click on Login at the top. In the login field type your domain name or username and in the password field; type the password which you generated above.

Bluehost Login

On the next page click on Home, and you will be at the Bluehost cPanel. That’s it! Congratulation as you just ended up buying your first web hosting and domain name.  Here is a video which will give you a demo of Bluehost cPanel:

That’s it and if you have followed every steps mentioned in the article and all linked article, within 30 minutes you will have your WordPress blog installed, setup and running.

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