October 5, 2012 / IST / Social Media.

It was bound to happen sooner or later, Pinterest has been the target of a major hacking which left thousands of users complaining on Facebook and Twitter.

The hacking seem to have caught many users off guard and many only found out when they noticed that suspicious posts were being made on their Facebook wall and in their Twitter feeds. So far no organized group has come forward to claim responsibility for the hack, which leaves many speculating that it was a loose group of spammers.

Users sprang out of the woodwork to publicly announce the fact that they were hacked and one Kathleen Cobroft epitomized the fear and concern that spread in the wake of the widespread hacking: “Someone hacked my Pinterest account! Deleted two of my boards and renamed another one and changed its contents. Called it, “im da boss”. I changed my password! No, “I’m DA Boss!”

If it wasn’t enough that Kathleen was hacked, her close friend was also hacked and she took to Facebook to tell the world about it too: “Peter’s just had his Pinterest account hacked by a spammer (password now changed) – they post dubious adverts to your boards.”

A coordinated response was distinctly lacking from Pinterest, however, the company did release a set of guidelines for people who fell prey. Attacks like these will no doubt continue; Pinterest is a growing site and right now just ripe for picking by spammers.