October 3, 2012 / IST / How-to Guides, Social Media, Web Development.

Now you don’t have to worry about having to open your Facebook account every time you want to check your updates. MyStatusBar has made it easier for you to be notified of updates without opening up your Facebook.


There are a number of alternatives to get Facebook updates without opening the website, one of it is by using the RockMelt browser, but many people are more that comfortable with Chrome and Firefox already.

Facebook Notification With MyStatusBar

If you are already on Chrome, go to the MyStatusBar download page and install the extension.

Install Mystatusbar

When installation is completed, you will be redirected to the MyStatusBar homepage, click on theLogin to Facebook button at the bottom left of the page.

Login Mystatusbar

Click Log in with Facebook.


Click Allow to allow MyStatusBar access to your Facebook account.

Allow Access

Now, you will see MyStatusBar appear at the bottom of your browser with your Facebook notification updates in real-time.


On a closer look, you will see this;

Closer Look