October 6, 2012 / IST / Social Media.

Ordinarily being the 36th richest person in most countries would be acceptable by anyone’s standard, but America is not just any country and Mark Zuckerberg is not just any person.

Last year courtesy of his holdings in Facebook, Zuckerberg joined the elite top 20 richest people in a land that is still the richest in the entire world. That of course was a big deal and Zuckerberg’s inclusion at 14th was seen a coupe by many who follow this kind of stuff. The guy after all is still in his 20s. But a lot has happened since Forbes’ rich list of 2011 and Zuckerberg ha seen his fortune dip from $17.5 billion to just $9.4 billion.

Of course, most of us would take a personal fortune a third of Zuckerberg’s but in the tech world and among people who count money in denominations of billions, $8.1 billion is a big deal indeed. Facebook’s disastrous IPO has ensured that Zuckerberg now trails Sergy Brin and Larry Page of Google, two people he had trounced in the listings in 2011. The two Google co-founders are now 13th on the list with fortunes of $20.3 billion.

Leading the list of course is Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates with a fortune of $66 billion. Gates beats out perennial billionaire Warren Buffet who has fortune of $46 billion fortune for this year’s listing. Facebook seems to be on the mend thanks to a few announcements made by Zuckerberg recently and it looks like 2013 will be a better year for him.