October 6, 2012 / IST / Social Media, Tech News.

The iPhone 5 is out; Android phones are hitting the shelves almost daily and tablets are taking on greater importance in the lives of Facebook users. So what is a social networking giant to do in order to keep up?

The answer came recently in a release from Facebook that states that native applications on the platform will be updated at least every 4 weeks or at the latest every 8 weeks. The update frequency will affect Facebook for iOS, Facebook for Android, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook Camera.

It seems Facebook is changing course from the feature-driven mode that previously decided updates; that way of doing things according to Facebook posed several problems: “We’d decide on a bundle of features, furiously work on them, test them, and ship. Great updates we had already finished sometimes took longer to get into people’s hands because we often had to wait for additions and tweaks that threw us off schedule.”

Thanks to the new time frame schedule of app updates, users will have a steadier, more reliable app experience and this should also help Facebook keep pace with the device changes that are external to its platform.

Facebook’s change of updates policy couldn’t have come at a better time; the recent iPhone 5 Maps fiasco is ample evidence that users need a buffer when it comes to cross-platform and device applications.