February 7, 2014 / IST / Tips & Tricks.



  1. First of all, download “Not Last Seen“ from HERE, then install the app.
  2. Now in app, mark “Block last seen“ option.
  3. Again open WhatsApp and you will notice that your Mobile connection automatically going offline.
  4. Now read messages and reply/send messages that you received in WhatsApp.

That’s it.  You have read and sent messages successfully by hiding “Last seen Timestamp”.

Trick behind this app: As I said earlier, after enabling this app, your connection goes offline while using WhatsApp. Now you can read messages that you received when the connection was online. When you leave WhatsApp, the connection will again go online and you receive messages and composed message will also be sent (while offline connection, composed messages will not be sent).


Like Android, there are no apps available for  Windows phone  and Blackberry devices to disable “Last seen Timestamp”. So, take look at below steps to disable it.

  1. Disable the data connection on your device.
  2. Once you have disabled the data connection, open your WhatApp and read or send messages.
  3.  Now close WhatsApp and enable your device data connection. By enabling it, WhatsApp automatically send all pending messages and it will not show the last seen time.