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We also tell you why we choose name “Pointer Brain”. Dear friends you know very much about brain. But what is Pointer. Pointer is a programming element. In “C” language:

A pointer is a variable whose value is the address of another variable, i.e., direct address of the memory location. Like any variable or constant, you must declare a pointer before you can use it to store any variable address. Pointer is denoted by “*”.

Now we tell you again. From Pointer’s definition it is clear that pointer is directly related to memory allocation. Pointer teaches us how to use and play with memory. And we can use all resource of computer in good manner. Using Pointer, computer becomes dynamic, multitasking, time-sharing and real time.

Our Brain is so dynamic. If we and you insert pointer in mind then our brain will be more powerful like albert Einstein. This theory insists us to put a unique name and that is “Pointer Brain”.