September 28, 2012 / IST / Science & Technology.

A robot is a mechanical device that can perform tasks automatically. Yes thats what a robot is. Its not the sci-fi humanoid that you have seen in thousnads of movies, but just a mechanical device. So even if you r making a door open by itself after sensing a man, you are making a robot only. The branch of technology that deals with robots is called robotics. There are various devices for making bots work automatically but I am going to stick to”Arduino.

“Arduino is a open-source single-board microcontroller, descendant of the open-source Wiring platform, designed to make the process of using electronics in multidisciplinary projects more accessible. These boards can be coonected to the PC directly and then the programs can be uploaded. It is very easy to use and cheap. I am focussing on Arduino because of its price and accessibility only. The programming is really simple and the scope of its use is HUGE.

Some projects which can be made using arduino are:

  1. Line Followers
  2. Obstacle Avoiders
  3. Pocket Pianos
  4. Automated vacuum cleaners
  5. RC Cars
  6. RGB combination door lock
Some of the most famous arduino boards  are:
Timeline of robot and automata development
DateSignificanceRobot nameInventor
1st century AD and earlierDescriptions of over a hundred machines and automata, including a fire engine, wind organ, coin-operated machine, and steam-powered aeliopile, inPneumatica and Automata by HeronCtesibius, Philo, Heron, and others
1206Early programmable automataRobot band[14]Al-Jazari
c. 1495Designs for a humanoid robotMechanical knightLeonardo da Vinci
1738Mechanical duck that was able to eat, flap its wings, and excreteDigesting DuckJacques de Vaucanson
19th centuryJapanese mechanical toys that served tea, fired arrows, and paintedKarakuri toysHisashige Tanaka
(c. 1860)Remotely (mechanical) steered clockwork fire ship(Coastal fireship)Unknown/Giovanni Luppis
Early 1870sRemotely controlled torpedos by John Ericsson (pneumatic), John Louis Lay (electric wire guided), and Victor von Scheliha (electric wire guided)[15](torpedo)John Ericsson, John Louis Lay, Victor von Scheliha
1898Tesla demonstrates the first radio controlled (wireless) vessel (torpedo)(torpedo)Nikola Tesla
1921First fictional automata called “robots” appear in the play R.U.R.Rossum’s Universal RobotsKarel Čapek
1928Humanoid robot, based on a suit of armor with electrical actuators, exhibited at the annual exhibition of the Model Engineers Society in LondonEricW. H. Richards
1930sRemotely controlled humanoid robot exhibited at the 1939 and 1940 World’s FairsElektroWestinghouse Electric Corporation
1948Simple robots exhibiting biological behaviors[16]Elsie and ElmerWilliam Grey Walter
1956First commercial robot, from the Unimation company founded by George Devol and Joseph Engelberger, based on Devol’s patents[17]UnimateGeorge Devol
1961First installed industrial robotUnimateGeorge Devol
1963First palletizing robot[18]PalletizerFuji Yusoki Kogyo
1973First robot with six electromechanically drived axes[19]FamulusKUKA Robotics
1976Programmable universal manipulation arm, a Unimation productPUMAVictor Scheinman