October 9, 2012 / IST / Social Media, Tech News.

A few months ago Twitter CEO Dick Costolo made a bold claim that the aim is to grow the platform’s user base to 7 billion. Costolo obviously didn’t take a good look into the numbers, because Twitter far from growing is stagnating—even Instagram is getting more traffic (mobile).

So what is a stagnating micro-blogging platform to do? Revamp of course, and this is what Twitter did in the hopes that it would entice more people to join and ramp up engagement of existing users.

The results so far have been mixed. From outright accusations that Twitter copied Facebook’s timeline feature to reluctance to switch, Costolo and Twitter find themselves trying to work out a ‘next move’. Perhaps what’s even more troubling for Twitter is the fact that only 8% of the leading top 100 brands have switched to the new design.

The 92% reticence seems to come from disgruntlement that Twitter gave no notice of the change. Many brands felt rushed by the process and have been slow in switching. But things may change, at least given the fact that some of the key brands are happy with the new look.

Scott Monty heads social media for Ford and he believes the new look is very impressive and functional: “Frankly, it [switching] was something that was very easy for us to do, this universal design is something that works for us.” Such an endorsement will no doubt make other brands make the switch over to the new design—it will just take a while (and maybe not before they calm down).

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