November 4, 2012 / IST / Web Development.

Whether you’re designing your own portfolio in order to attract new clients or you’re working on behalf of a customer who demands the very best, taking notes from your colleagues around the web and around the world is a great way to stay fresh and generate new ideas.

Sometimes getting down to designing for the web is held up by a lack of inspiration; get your creative juices flowing with these eight examples of creative portfolio websites.

1. Bestwebsitemaker India

Utilizing well-placed call to action buttons and clearly outlining services and other offerings without the need for even a single click, the website of Bestwebsitemaker India offers a great example at how to lure potential customers deeper into your web.

2. Web Design Lab

The unique design utilized by Web Design Lab in their portfolio website is both informative and engaging, giving visitors an extra reason to explore further.

3. Fernando Leite, Graphic Designer

Graphics designers rank as some of the most creative and talented digital workers in the world and this website, with its unique colors and layout scheme for each page, is an excellent example of what happens when that kind of talent is put to work!

4. Janine Pring at JanineXD

Allowing a call to action to be the focal point of her website, designer Janine Pring has obviously focused her portfolio efforts on not only presenting information to visitors but also to showcasing her skills in design and development via an interesting, colorful layout and engaging elements.

5. Jorgen Mortensen, Web Designer

All information is only one click away on the single-page website of designer Jorgen Mortensen, and the loud yellow design does quite well in catching the attention of visitors in a positive way.

6. Derrick Workman, Designer and Developer

In a business world saturated with nameless service providers, designer Derrick Workman gives his customers a full and personal overview of who he is and what he offers, helping to breed confidence and making him more approachable to those with unique needs.

7. Blockquote Design offers a unique take on visitor experience with their engaging website, utilizing a portfolio organized by date alongside simple and even fun navigation elements to help customers browse their work quickly and efficiently.

8. DannyDiablo

With another one-man-show website, German designer Danny Diablo fits all of the initial information his visitors will need on a single page, making an overview of his services simple and easy.