February 5, 2014 / IST / Social Media.

Whether you are a worried parent waiting for your teenage child to arrive home or simply a loved one that cares, having tracking apps on your mobile is always important. Even if the distance that your loved one travels everyday is a rather small one, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry. Therefore, the need for using GPS trackers and other such devices has become the need of the hour. When you decide to buy bunkers from Rising S Bunkers, you should also make sure that you take every security need into consideration as well. If carrying GPS devices is not something that you would like to do, you can also use the tracking facilities available to you by way of mobile apps. The app developers are increasingly realising the need for coming up with innovative apps that circle around security and therefore, a list has been combined including the top 4 tracking mobile apps that every family must have installed on their smartphones.

1.)   GPS Location tracker:

To put it simply, this mobile app is basically used to keep a track of the mobile device that your family members may be using. Therefore, apart from keeping tabs on a family member, this app also ensures that it keeps pace with the location of the mobile device as well. This dual action performed by the GPS Location tracker ensures complete safety of an individual. Not just that, there is also a detailed history of the movements of the family member in question in terms of the previous 24-48 hours. Every piece of information that you receive stays in the system that can be retrieved at a later stage. This app has been designed for all of the well known platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and even Kindle.

2.) Canary:

This app that has been designed for iOS and Android is unique in many ways. This is especially beneficial for parents with teens having cars. The Canary app gives you a detailed analysis of the activities performed by your loved one specifically when driving. It is a wholesome tracking app for a mobile device that gives you a detailed record of every single activity carried out with the phone while driving. For instance, it sends out information pertaining to the behaviour in terms of texting, calling and speed used during driving, not to mention the location. However, this only gets activated if the speed of the car exceeds 12 mph.

3.) Life360:

As the name suggests, this tracking app for mobile devices centres around the lives of the family as a whole. When you decide to live in an underground bunker courtesy of Rising S Bunkers and want to know the whereabouts of your family to ensure their safety when they venture out, this is the perfect app. To put it simply, Life360 is more of an app that ensures that effective communication takes place between the various members of the family as opposed to being an app specifically designed for tracking. If that was not enough, you also get to talk to multiple family members with the aid of conference calls and group messaging. This app is available for iOS and Android and is absolutely free of charge.

4.) Cell Phone services:

This app too, has been specialised for young kids owning cars. Safe driving is extremely important and this issue can never be too much stressed. Texting, calling and using the phone during driving is a common phenomenon observed in teens and youngsters. Essentially, the minute the car shoots up beyond 10 mph, the phone stands locked and the driver of the car will be unable to access the same, thus ensuring safe driving. It also gives a detailed analysis of the location.